What makes a good introduction paragraph in an essay

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Simple tips for students to write an informative essay

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The introductory paragraph of any paper, long or short, should start with a sentence that piques the interest of your readers. In a well-constructed first paragraph, that first sentence will lead into three or four sentences that provide details about the subject or.

An essay puts forth a viewpoint, so think of it as structuring an argument. 1. Begin by writing an introduction that is general and introduces the topic. In your introduction, include a thesis.

Your entire essay will be a response to this question, and your introduction is the first step toward that end. Your direct answer to the assigned question will be your thesis, and your thesis will likely be included in your introduction, so it is a good idea to use the question as a jumping off point.

The first paragraph serves as kind of a funnel opening to the essay which draws and invites readers into the discussion, which is then focused by the thesis statement before the work of the essay. With our efficient and reliable essay writing service, you won't have any troubles with your assignments anymore.

Don't worry about tight deadlines and difficult topics - our professional writers and trained to meet any requirements under any pressure with ease. An essay is a formal piece of writing which describes, analyses or discusses a particular issue.

The most common types are: Opinion essays.


They present the writer’s personal opinion of the topic, supported with examples and reasons.

What makes a good introduction paragraph in an essay
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